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Unlock the Power of Email Marketing with eFocus Marketing's 'Welcome Email Series Masterclass'

Are your tired of watching potential customers slip through the cracks in your email marketing efforts?

You know you could be doing more with your email marketing to boost your brand's results, but don't have the time, resources or need additional strategic knowledge to do so.


• Struggle to find the time (yourself/within your team) to focus in on planning new campaigns

• Currently have no welcome series or just a simple 1 email welcome currently

• Find yourself confused as to where to start planning a high converting, personalised and engaging welcome series

• Want to better engage, nurture and convert new subscribers

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

Many companies don't send a full welcome series or even a single welcome email and are missing out on revenue.

Don't be one of them.

Our specialised course at is designed exclusively for marketers like you, ready to transform the first stages of their email marketing strategy and drive revenue from the start of the relationship with new subscribers.

Multiply Your Conversions: Learn the secrets to crafting welcome series that turn subscribers into lifelong customers, doubling your conversion rates.

Boost Engagement: Keep your audience captivated and eager for more with perfectly timed and personalised email automation strategies.

Save Time and Resources: Our proven techniques will streamline your email marketing efforts, saving you valuable time and resources.

Expert Guidance: Training from a bestselling author & industry expert.

Introducing your self-stufy online course:

Create a High Converting Welcome Email Series

Through 4 core modules, I'll show you how to plan an optimised welcome series that's easy for you to go and implement immediately, whatever platform you're using.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join:


Access to 4 course modules

You'll immediately get access to all 4 course modules so you can take the course at your own pace, not ours. Study online, from anywhere and enjoy lifetime course access*

Value: £600


Additional bonus module!

You'll also get access to our bonus module 'Creating engaging Email Layouts' to help you build your welcome series emails in an a way that drives them to your CTA.

Value: £100


Free PDF Copy of our Bestselling Book!

Get instance access to download a PDF copy of Kate Barrett's bestselling book 'E-telligence: Email Marketing Isn't Dead the Way You're Using It Is'

Value: £14.99

Your Welcome Email Series Masterclass Course Modules

Module 1: Pre-Series Planning

Before you start building your emails, you need to know why you're doing it; what you want to achieve, but more importantly, what your subscribers need.

In this module, we set the groundwork for your welcome series plans and explore...

  • Your objectives

  • Their objectives

  • What do subscribers need to know?

  • What do you know about your subscribers?

Module 2: Creating Engaging Welcome Series Content

In this module we break down different types of content to help engage your audience from the start of the relationship and meet their current needs.

We'll explore...

  • Creating engaging content throughout your welcome series

  • Creating your core content plan

    • Your Initial welcome email

    • Welcome series content build up

  • Segmentation & personalisation of your series to better target your content to the right subscriber

Module 3: Planning Your Welcome Series Flow

Now it's time to bring the jigsaw together and plan out your series flow! In this module, you'll learn how to plan your welcome series from start to finish...

  • Map out your flow and connect your content

  • Timing and number of emails

  • Multi/Omni-channel considerations

  • Real life welcome series flow examples

Module 4: Analysing Your Results, Testing & Ongoing Optimisation

Once implemented, ongoing analysis and testing to further increase your results is essential. In this module, we'll explore...

  • Your welcome series KPI’s

  • How to analyse your series results

  • An introduction to testing & ongoing optimisation

A total value of: £715

Join now for just £79

About Your Tutor:

Kate Barrett - Founder & CEO

eFocus Marketing

Kate Barrett is the founder of eFocus Marketing, providing specialist email marketing consultancy, management, and training services to companies around the world.

With a proven track record and over 17 years’ experience (increasing results from opens and clicks, to sales), Kate’s expertise and passion has helped a large range of companies develop comprehensive strategies, to target subscribers with the right message, sent to the right person, at the right time, implement, manage and optimise those campaigns, as well as solve complex email marketing issues including deliverability challenges.

Some of the companies she has worked with or trained include Nissan, Marks & Spencer, Argos, Ann Summers, Ted Baker, Maybourne Hotel Group, Photobox, M&M Direct and Ordinance Survey among many others.

Kate is the author of the bestselling book ‘E-telligence. Email Marketing isn’t dead, the way you’re using it is’

Tutor Testimonials

“Kate’s training session exceeded my expectations; she made email marketing fun and current .

Kate broke down the email marketing strategy into digesteble visuals during her interactive presentation (all with fantastic examples!)

I have no doubt that email marketing strategies are definitely Kate’s gift - she 110% knows her stuff and i’m grateful to have experienced one of her training sessions.”

— Krystal Prince

Marketing Executive at Dialogue Language Services International Ltd (Via Linkedin)

“Kate has been teaching a four-workshop series on email marketing for the as part of our digital marketing certification program for the past two years.

She is one of our highest rated instructors, and continually receives extremely positive written and verbal feedback from professionals taking her courses.

She continues to innovate and come up with new course ideas, and is an absolute pleasure for me to collaborate with."

— Laurie Beasley

President, Direct Marketing Association of Northern California

“The transformation of our welcome series didn't just lead to significant improvements in open and click rates among new subscribers; it also garnered positive feedback from our community members.

eFocus Marketing's expertise in revitalising our welcome series played a crucial role in increasing our visibility for events, courses, and educational materials and ensuring a seamless onboarding experience."

— Matt Hugg

eFocus Marketing Welcome Series Case Studies

Implementing personalised welcome email series

boosts LeaseLoco’s enquiries by 400%

By sending a sequence of targeted content in a series of emails over the first two weeks after sign up, LeaseLoco have so far seen…

  • The email channel generating over 10% of Leaseloco’s total enquiries – an increase of 400%

  • Since implementation, the welcome series has so far generated 11.9% of total marketing email enquiries.

  • The new welcome series also have a significantly higher click through rate and click to open rate.

Customer centric welcome email series

boosts click rate by 69% for Nonprofit Courses

eFocus Marketing created a comprehensive email workflow plan, clearly outlining key details such as email timing, content outline and considerations.

  • 69% increase in click rates

  • 8.7% increase in open rates

  • 54% increase in CTOR

  • * Enjoy access to the course for as long as it exists!

  • Refund Policy: We have a no refunds policy for this product.

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